Prunus Medical In Arab Health 2020


On January 27, 2020 local time, one of the most important industry exhibitions for medical equipment, the 45th Arab International Medical Equipment Expo (Arab Health), was grandly opened at the Dubai World Trade Center!

On January 27, 2020 local time, one of the most important industry exhibitions for medical equipment, the 45th Arab International Medical Equipment Expo (Arab Health), was grandly opened at the Dubai World Trade Center!


Arab International Medical Equipment Fair (Arab Health) is the largest professional medical equipment exhibition in the Middle East, with a large range of exhibits and complete exhibitions. Since it was first held in 1975, the scale of the exhibition, the number of exhibitors and the number of visitors has expanded year by year, and it has attracted medical experts from all regions of the world. It has always enjoyed a good reputation among hospitals and medical device agents in Arab countries in the Middle East.

 A total of approximately 4,250 exhibitors participated in this Arab Health event, together with approximately 55,000 medical experts and dealer visitors from 160 countries, sharing the latest medical development results and willingness to cooperate.

As a professional provider of OR, ICU and Emergency, Shenzhen Prunus exhibited the star products Padus 8 high-end therapeutic ventilator, Boaray 2000D electric electronically controlled therapeutic ventilator, Boaray 700 full monitoring plug-in anesthesia workstation, PR363 Handheld Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound and so on.



Padus 8 is an intelligent comprehensive therapeutic ventilator created by Prunus and European professional team. It can set a minimum tidal volume of 2 ml. It has intelligent ventilation management of invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilation and oxygen therapy; Advanced functions such as PV tools and SI; with safety protection functions such as compensation, alarm and self-test. It is the pioneering work of Prunus intelligent ventilator, making Chinese brands among the trendsetters! At the same time, Boaray 5000D series and Boaray 3000D series therapeutic ventilator, Boaray 1000 series emergency ventilator were exhibited to provide users with an total mechanical ventilation  solution.

 Boaray2000D electric electronically controlled therapeutic ventilator is small in size and light in weight, suitable for emergency medical transport and other medical environments. It is not only a professional ventilator in the sub-critical area, but also a therapeutic ventilator for emergency transport. Comprehensive functions and excellent quality , Become the leader of the same grade in the industry, to win the time for emergency transfer patients.


The Boaray700 full monitoring plug-in anesthesia workstation can be set with a minimum tidal volume of 10 ml. It is equipped with an original international brand vaporizer as standard. All core components are carefully selected from the world's top manufacturers, and industrial-grade control chips and the patented protection monitoring control circuit which is widely used in domestic large-scale third-class hospitals, and has received rave reviews on the international market, becoming an outstanding representative of Prunus anesthesia machines.

 Prunus PR363 Handheld Wireless Color Ultrasound can perform visual nerve block, blood flow path exploration, thoracic and abdominal scanning examination, and is suitable for all kinds of medical institutions for rapid diagnosis, treatment evaluation, ultrasound intervention and other comprehensive applications. Under the smart body with strong ultrasound diagnostic capabilities, known as the third eye of the clinician, it has become the leader of future ultrasound development trends.


The four-day exhibition coincides with the traditional Chinese New Year, Arab Health is also full of Chinese elements. This is the embodiment of the development and growth of Chinese medical device companies. Shenzhen Prunus, as one of the outstanding representatives, keeps the concepts of R & D and service improving, its products are exported to more than 80 countries around the world. At this exhibition, old customers from Prunus arrived as expected, and new customers stopped to marvel at the new design and new technology of Prunus's star product Padus 8. Customer’s recognition is our driving force for continuous improvement. With the joint efforts of old and new customers, Shenzhen Prunus will continue to focus on core business and provide products and services close to clinical needs for medical institutions and patients worldwide.


While the Corona Virus is spreading in China, Shenzhen Prunus is still working overtime during the Spring Festival. Its invasive, non-invasive ventilator and emergency transfer ventilator are provided to the hospital to escort life, explaining the meaning of PRUNUS: The stubborn "Tree of Life" grew up in the land of China, providing shelter for patients around the world!