Boaray 1000 ventilator

Emergency and Transportation Ventilator

Ready for demanding situations

The main unit with the perfectly waterproof and shockproof backpack is approximately 8Kg which makes the carrying and transport easier. Built from extremely durable materials, the unit can stand up to even the most challenging environments.

Save time and save live

The intuitive controls enable operation within seconds after starting the device. The fast setting keys on the unit interface can be quickly configured to suit your individual needs, helping you to save the device operating time and focus on the patient care.

Comprehensive modes meet your special needs

The Boaray 1000B/D gives you not only a selection of Volume-controlled modes but also offers Pressure-controlled modes like PCV and SIM(P)+PS, enabling support for patient with chest trauma. In addition to providing state-of-the-art care for adult, it can also be used with pediatric patient, with accurate tidal volume delivery all the way down to 50 mL.


  • Multiple ways of power supply :D/C, A/C, backup battery(up to 4 hours)

  • Ventilation modes: A/C(V), A/C(P), SIMV(V)+PS, SIMV(P)+PS, SPONT/CPAP

  • Intelligent alarm: apnea alarm airway pressure alarm, asphyxiation alarm

  • Vt range: 50-2000ml; Applicable to adult and Pediatric

  • Waterproof and shockproof backpack for outdoor special situations