Boaray 2000D turbine ventilator

Portable electronic ventilater for ICU


·         Vt range: 20-2000ml(VCV);Applicable to adult, pediatric infant(≥5Kg)

·         Ventilation modes: A/C(V),A/C(P),SIMV(V)+PS,SIMV(P)+PS,SPONT,PRVC

·         8.4 inch LCD screen for easy observation

·         Touch screen & Navigation knob for simple operation

·         Simultaneous display of 3 waveforms and 2 loops

·         Synchronized nebulizer(optional)

·         Expiratory valve is autoclavable to avoid  cross-infection

·         Active exhalation valve with anti-condensation design

·         World leading brands of key components of ventilator ensure high accuracy and stable performance

·         Advanced proportional solenoid technology to realize accurate ventilation control

·         Multi-safety mechanism and three-priority alarm of visual and audio for different risks