PRUNUS Blooms on US FIME, Show Time of Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing


In this feast of international medical devices, PRUNUS products have attracted wide attention in the operating room, ICU and first aid fields

From June 26th to 28th, 2019, the 28th American FIME Exhibition was held at the Miami Beach Convention Center. More than 1,200 exhibitors from around the world and nearly 30,000 visitors came to visit the exhibition to exchange and share the latest technologies and cutting-edge technology products in the field of medical devices. Due to the radiation effect in the Latin American regional market, FIME has also become an important stop for Chinese medical device companies in the process of internationalization. Every year on FIME, the "Made in China" brands and other countries' brands have wonderful show on the same stage.


In this feast of international medical devices, PRUNUS products have attracted wide attention in the operating room, ICU and first aid fields. In this exhibition, PRUNUS brought a variety of innovative products and a number of critical illness solutions, not only Anesthesia Machines, Ventilators and Handheld Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound, but also brought about the knowledge sharing and discussion of medical frontier.

At this conference, PRUNUS mainly displayed products such as Padus 8 high-end Ventilator, Boaray700 Full Monitoring Plug-in Anesthesia Workstation and Handheld Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound. A number of products independently developed and designed by PRUNUS have received extensive attention at the conference site. The audience has been deeply impressed by the products of PRUNUS. At the conference, experts and partners from many countries of Europe and America came to the PRUNUS booth for consultation and discussion, and they showed great interest in the Ventilator, Anesthesia Machine and Handheld Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound.

The Padus 8 High-end Therapeutic Ventilator has attracted highly attention on the exhibition. The Padus 8 adopts the patented Freeflow closed-loop control technology. The medical staff can set the flow support through the configuration interface, and can choose two modes: square wave or deceleration wave. At the same time, Padus 8 has more comprehensive monitoring functions and intelligent ventilation management, which helps medical staff to intuitively focus on individual parameters to pay attention to changes of patient status. In terms of personalized design, it provides users with extremely simple operation experience with large screen and large viewing angle. 

PRUNUS Boaray 700 Full Monitoring Plug-in Anesthesia Workstation can set a minimum tidal volume of 10 ml, all core components are carefully selected from the world's top manufacturers, and it select industrial-grade control chips, a number of patented protection monitoring and control circuits with world-class advanced algorithms, and they are widely used in hundreds of large-scale top hospitals to improve work efficiency and reduce costs for medical institutions.

PRUNUS PR363 Handheld Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound have the palm size, only 290g weight, convenient wireless operation, which is the necessary diagnosis and treatment tools in the hands of clinical doctors, can perform chest and abdominal scanning, blood flow pathway exploration, visualized nerve block, applicable for comprehensive application in medical institutions for fast diagnosis, treatment evaluation and ultrasound intervention

PRUNUS products are exported to Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe, etc. nearly 80 countries and provide technical output, component production and supply, OEM/ODM output cooperation for more than ten internationally renowned ventilators and anesthesia machine manufacturers. PRUNUS hopes to give ease and freedom to the doctors and leave precious time to the patients; in different places, in all corners of the world, healthy hope and beauty exist together.

Fusion and Innovation For PRUNUS Future 

The FIME exhibition in the United States further promoted the development of PRUNUS technology in the medical market in Europe and the United States, allowing the experts in this field to have a more intuitive and deeper understanding of the innovative products and innovation strength of PRUNUS. Converging and magnifying the wisdom of experts is the direction of PRUNUS innovative efforts. In recent years, PRUNUS has jointly the hospitals and research institutes in different application fields, and promoted the academic research and clinical application of Ventilators, Anesthesia Machines and Handheld Wireless Color Doppler Ultrasound, so that more people can get the care of quality life.